Why should you choose FAMA's services ?

Why should you choose FAMA's services ?

Why should use our establish enterprise, tax and accounting services?

For small and medium-sized enterprises, choosing FAMA's professional accounting services  will provide the following benefits:

Professional and legal services: FAMA is a accounting and tax services company accredited by the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation.

Cost savings: outsourcing costs will be lower than self-implementation. Business owners will not have to worry about managing people, buying accounting software, equipment, seats .... Business owners spend time focusing on handling professional work. , finding customers...

Going concern: tax services, accounting always operate to ensure smooth, uninterrupted work. Business owners do not bother about maternity leave, worry about posting to find suitable people when employees take leave, interrupted work is not handed over from the previous staff.

Save time and best practice: our tax and accounting services are provided and managed by experienced staffs, we always update with new and complete knowledge. We have consulted the establishment of thousands of businesses in Vietnam, provided accounting services for hundreds of businesses.

Using legitimate software and using up-to-date technology: the application of copyrighted software and appropriate technology and constantly updated, business data is confidential and you can monitor our accounting system online.

Ethics: FAMA always trains and updates ethics for staffs with all Integrity -Objectivity-Confidentiality -  Professional competence and due care- Professional qualifications.

FAMA services towards the core values ​​of Learning - Innovation - Commitment

"FAMA - Ensure for management"

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