Tax services

Tax services

Enterprise concerns

  • Enterpirse does not know whether his company is in compliance with regulatory rules
  • Enterpirse company’s compliance costs are out of control
  • Proposed regulations lead to a loss in Enterprise current competitive advantages
  • Enterpsise wants to conÒrm that his company’s sales force is complying with prevailing regulations

Our Capability

FAMA Co.,Ltd understands that tax issues are a major concern of businesses. Therefore we always give priority to the quality of service to meet the requirements of the business performance. With a team of experienced tax advisor, FAMA Co.,Ltd has built relationships in close cooperation with the tax authorities at all levels.

FAMA Co.,Ltd always help clients tax planning effectively to achieve business objectives and help customers minimize the impact of taxation on business activities.

Our Tax Services

  • Tax compliance check
  • Tax risk management
  • Tax assistance and submission
  • Reviewing clients tax returns
  • Preparing tax returns for individuals, including those who are also subject to foreign taxes
  • Representing clients in dealing with tax authorities
  • Preparing protests and claims for tax refund
  • Assisting clients in tax planning
  • Advising clients on the tax implications of proposed contracts or financial transactions
  • Acting as general advisor on tax matters

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