Prevention Covid 19 at FAMA office

Prevention Covid 19 at FAMA office

FAMAers require to follow the following measures to prevent Covid 19 at 196 Van Kiep office:

1 / Daily: wipe the door handle rubbing twice: morning, noon. Huong is in charge of this.

2 / FAMA staffs have prepared a mask, mouthwash:

-When entering the company, staff wash your hands. Encourage washing hands several times a day.

-When contacting customers, grab, ... wear a mask.

-Each day gargling throat 3 times morning, noon, afternoon.

3 / Staff cough, cold:

When coughing, colds...staff can ask to work from home.

4 / Avoid putting your hands on eyes, nose, mouth. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a tissue, cloth, elbow.

5 / Strengthen exercise, physical fitness, proper nutrition to build a healthy lifestyle.

6 / Cleaning your position, office.