Payroll and social insurance

Payroll and social insurance

The law on social insurance is often adjusted, the situation of jobless workers makes it difficult to manage personnel as well as to monitor changes in policies and regulations on wages and insurance. Setting up an accounting department to calculate salaries and insurance can cost you an unnecessary amount.

For newly established small and medium enterprises, especially for businesses that need foreign staff, procedures related to wages, payroll rate, insurance and employee benefits,  those are a matter directly related to the cost and operation of the business.

FAMA provides advice and support businesses to take the first steps from the beginning to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary risks when the accounting department is not experienced enough.

FAMA has an experienced team of experts in salaries and insurance consultants who will help businesses save time and costs instead of creating an additional salary accounting and human resource department. 

FAMA's payroll and insurance consulting services include:

1. Consulting on the provisions of Laws

  • Consult and advise on the current situation of the business.
  • Select the best plan to maximize the social insurance premium for employers.
  • Instruct customers to prepare the necessary information.
  • Consulting, drafting labor contracts.
  • Consulting, drafting internal rules, labor regulations.
  • Consulting, drafting collective labor agreements.
  • Advice on other issues related to social insurance, labor regime.
  • Prepare a labor report.
  • Consulting, drafting standards for each title in the salary scale.
  • Consulting, building salary system.

2. Order of registration of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance

  • Registration of labor declaration.
  • Registration of trade unions.
  • Registration of wage scale system.
  • Registration of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance

3. Representatives perform procedures of social insurance.

  • Submit documents, follow up with the process and receive results of labor reports.
  • Submit, track progress and get unionized results.
  • Submit applications, track progress and receive payroll system results.
  • Submit documents, follow the process of handling and receiving results of social insurance books and health insurance cards.

4. Commitment after completing the application

  • Hand over social insurance books and health insurance cards to the employees.
  • Ensuring the payment of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premium is the lowest.
  • Provide relevant legal documents as required
  • Guide the procedures after receiving social insurance books and health insurance cards
  • Free consultation on regulations on social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance after completion.

Based on professional experience, FAMA has the legal basis and the most effective way to solve scientific work to provide you with best solutions. A large amount of work will be solved quickly and neatly by FAMA for businesses.

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