Instructions to open data files by mail

Instructions to open data files by mail

FAMA uses Microsoft's Cloud system to store data for each customer. For security purposes, only emails that receive a data sharing link can view and download files. FAMA would like to guide you to open the shared file emailed by staff through 3 steps as follows: 

Step 1: Open the mail (if you can't find the mail in Inbox, please see Junk / Spam mail)

Click on Attachment or "Open"

Step 2: The message "Request for Verification Code" appears; please click "Send Code",

Code will be sent to your email, pls check mail and copy code

- The screen "Enter Verification Code" appears, paste the copied code above and click "Verify".

Step 3: The File Shared page is opened and you see the options below that File shared has been successfully received.

We can click on the options to use File Shared according to our needs.

If you have any problems, please contact a Staff in charge your account to assist.

Wishing you success.