FAMA family

FAMA family

Graduating from the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City in 2000, Mr. Phan Thanh Nam has accumulated experiences in accounting management at VNPT, CMC, Chu Thi, Van Thinh Phat ... He is also a co-founder of Webketoan.vn, a community of biggest accountants in Vietnam since 2002. In the process of working with CEOs and managers, he understands the concerns of business owners about accounting and tax risks related to corporate governance risk. Due to his desire to support SMEs with good financial and accounting management, on May 12, 2015, he decided to establish FAMA Consulting Co., Ltd. with his associates.

FAMA has been recognized by the Ministry of Finance as a qualified professional service provider.

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FAMA Co., Ltd is a Vietnamese company specializing in the field of tax services, accounting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Founded and managed by experts in the field of financial accounting, we change information data into useful, understandable language for corporate governance and decision making.


    Strive to become one of the familiar brands providing leading professional accounting services in Vietnam.
    Providing the Vietnamese market with international quality consulting services and implementing the financial and management accounting system, in accordance with Vietnamese practices. Business support peace of mind.
  • Learning: FAMA creates a learning environment (Learning Organization) to continuously accumulate knowledge and standards of Vietnamese as well as internationally, improving self-capacity and capacity of the organization to improve the quality of customer service. As a professional service enterprise, learning becomes a continuous activity at FAMA, becoming the "instinct" of every member, regardless of whether FAMA leaders or employees strive to learn for success.
  • Innovation: FAMA always makes creative efforts to continuously create new knowledge, new competencies and new values ​​for customers. Connecting learning with creativity to make a difference makes competitive advantage and sustainable development a vital value for FAMA. FAMA member is free to think, to be creative, to contribute and maximize his own quality and capacity to contribute to the development of FAMA. Innovative to bring efficiency, highest efficiency.
  • Commitment: Commitment to the end of service quality to customers is the most important value in FAMA's customer service orientation, which is concretized by FAMA's philosophy of preserving the reputation. Through the implementation of the value chain before, during and after the Vietnamese standards and international processes, FAMA brings customers satisfaction and feels different about service quality as well as FAMA serving culture.

FAMA - Ensure for management